Optimum Studios | Point Grey: Interior Stairs
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Point Grey

Interior Stairs




Metal Stringers & Fabrication, Glass Measure & Installation

This was a project we were fortunately a part of from the concept through to finished piece. Keystone Projects was the contractor on this job and they really helped get us on board and involved with the architect and designer to bring this staircase to life. After reaching a unified resolve on the shop drawings we were able to assemble the stairs digitally then take that down to our fab shop and begin the physical construction. Installation was exciting, it involved a serious crane lift and then maneuvering all 3 flights into the house without damaging anything. Once installed and finished treads complete, we were able to measure for glass-certainly one of the more difficult measures we have done but the results speak for themselves. In the end we couldn’t be happier with this project and are thankful to have worked with not only a great vision/design but great people.