Optimum Studios | West Vancouver: Interior and Exterior
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West Vancouver

Interior and Exterior




Backsplash (Back Painted Glass), Frameless Glass Guard Railing, Mirrors Suspended with Cables, Satin Etch Mirror, Frameless Glass Door

This was an interesting project as we came into it when it was nearly complete due to some complications with previous tradesman. It’s always difficult coming in at the end, after the patience and timeline has been chewed up but Battersby, Panther Group and the home owner couldn’t have been easier and more fun to work with. There were many odds and ends that needed to either be redone and/or completed. Nothing about the design of this house is typical, which is likely why we enjoyed it so much and jumped at the chance to be a part of it. It was a challenge indeed but once all parts were complete I believe everyone involved was extremely happy with the outcome.